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Help raise funds for
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What is FundStar?

If you want to help your offspring, what better course than their education? The FundStar card will be your simple, virtual donation tin for your child or grandchild’s school.

It’s a pre paid card which you pre-load to pay for anything online, instore or contactless in 450,000 locations globally.

It’s your basic shopping card which donates small change to your school. You know how much you’ve donated, what the money is being used for and how your donations are contributing to the goal.

Use it like any shopping card. Choose the limit of your donation, change it when you wish.

You can check the schools progress, know how much has gone in and not get asked for more!

Sounds simple? Well it is, and it all goes to the school of your choice.

How Does It Work?

You set the amount you want to donate – it could be 20p, 30p, 50p, whatever you’re comfortable with – which is then added to your transaction made with your FundStar card.

You can sign up to FundStar using an App on your phone or tablet, or on this website. Once you get your card you will be asked to set your micro-donation amount. You can change this at any time – you’re in control.

  • You buy a coffee at your favourite coffee shop
  • You pay for it with your FundStar card
  • Behind the scenes, FundStar adds your nominated donation to the bill
  • 100% of that donation goes to your school to help pay for a specified project
  • Critically, you decide what the donation amount is – 20p, 30p, 50p – it’s entirely up to you
  • You set the amount on the FundStar App


Your chosen school needs to be registered with the FundStar programme. You can check this during the sign-up process.

So What Does it Cost?

Initially, there is a small one-off cost of £5.00 to get the card to you and to set up your own secure account.

We charge 50p every time you load your card and £1 to use the ATM.

After that, 100% of your donations go to your nominated school.

Register to See if your school is signed up to FundStar