“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

– Winston Churchill

FundStar is designed to make fundraising easy, effective and smart.

The face of regular giving is changing enormously. In 2018, only 3 out of every 10 transactions were made using cash. The world has moved to contactless debit cards – at the literal expense of charity collecting tins. While card donation terminals have made an appearance in the last few years, they can never replace the estimated 450,000 collecting tins beside shop tills up and down the country. Charities are moving online: more than 45 million people worldwide have now donated or created a fundraiser on Facebook since 2015.

Donors are moving online too, choosing who, when and how they give according to their personal schedule, not causes’. They’re creating their own fundraising opportunities through virtual events and crowdfunding. And because information is readily available all day, every day at the slide of a finger, donors have a greater desire for transparency about where their money goes.

Suddenly there’s a place for an innovative way to give!

What if there was a way of turning your wallets or purses into a donation facility?

Better still, what if you could make a donation to your favourite causes every time they buy something?

Best of all, what if you were rewarded for doing good whilst spending your hard-earned cash?

…cue fundStar!

Do Good

Every time you use your FundStar prepaid card to make a purchase – online, offline, contactless – a micro-donation specified by you (between 20p and £1) is added and sent directly to your chosen cause. Easy every day giving!

FundStar turns every wallet into a collection tin so you can finally support your favourite causes without having to find the spare change in your pocket. With FundStar you can make doing good a daily habit.

Raise Funds

They are only small sums of money, but they soon add up, giving the causes you support desperately needed funds to do great work and improve people’s lives. You can monitor your impact by seeing exactly how much you have raised from your app.

Get Rewarded

And if that’s not enough, the FundStar Reward Club makes sure that you are rewarded for your generosity. Not only do we offer the opportunity to purchase your favourite brand gift cards and digital codes at fantastic discounts, but dozens of small and major retailers will automatically credit your FundStar account with up to 10% cashback when you buy from them.

Get Started


At FundStar we believe you should be rewarded for making doing good a daily habit. So, we have created Star Rewards.

As a member of Star Rewards you have the opportunity to purchase Gift Cards and Digital Vouchers at great discounts from leading retailers.

You can also earn up to 10% cash back when you spend at our participating retailers. Depending on how generous you feel, you can either keep it for yourself, donate 50% or donate 100% to your favourite causes. You decide!

Look out for regular offers and promotions from our growing pool of partners.


Can’t find your favourite cause on the list?

We are adding new great causes every day. If you can’t find your favourite cause on our list, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with them.