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Parents, Grandparents, Guardians, Carers – we all want to help those most important to us and what better way than with their education? Supporting your child’s school through FundStar will help them to provide the facilities needed to give your child a well-rounded education.

FundStar is a prepaid card which you use to purchase anything online and instore. Every time you use it, you make a micro-donation (20p to £1) to the school and project of your choice. You can support up to three schools and five projects at any one time. You have full visibility, know how much you’ve donated, what the money is being used for and how your donations are contributing to the goal.

Sounds simple? Well it is.

How Does It Work?

  1. Download the FundStar App for Android or iOS or Web
  2. Create an account
  3. Top up your account and order your FundStar card
  4. Activate your card when it arrives in the post (up to 10 working days)
  5. Select which school/s and project/s you want to support
  6. Set how much you want to donate to your school each time
  7. Register for Gift Aid if applicable
  8. Use your FundStar card and start donating

“As a busy working parent I struggle to find the time support my sons school. Using MY FundStar CARD for my daily coffee means I can help the school raise money and not feel guilty!”

– Parent, Tring School

So What Does it Cost?

  • £5.00 one-off cost to get the card and to set up your own secure account
  • 50p every time you load your card
  • £1 to use the ATM
  • £1.50 monthly dormancy fee if you haven’t used your card for 3 months

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We are working on an exciting rewards and benefits package to thank you for supporting your schools and projects. We will keep you updated. Watch this space!

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