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What Is Fundstar?

FundStar is a game-changing fundraising platform for schools. You don’t need us to remind you of the financial pressures schools are under. Instead, we’ve been working on something that can help pay for some of those projects you would love to fund but can’t.

It’s simple

  • Register to FundStar and set up a project you would like your donors to support. You can fundraise for up to 5 projects at any time. Tangible items with a direct benefit for the children such as gym equipment, furniture and musical instruments work best!
  • Inform supporters of the projects you would like them to raise money towards.
  • Supporters order their FundStar card and use it to make purchases (online, offline or contactless).
  • Every time they spend a micro-donation they have specified goes towards your project target.
  • The more people using the card, the more funds your school receives.

Our experienced team of fundraisers are here to support you along the way to help you get the results you need.

Why sign up to FundStar?

  • FundStar allows you to raise money quickly, simply and regularly.
  • You can raise money for specific projects.
  • You can easily monitor the success of your projects on the website and have full control.
  • FundStar supplies a complete support system for you to be successful. The support is practical, and you can involve pupils, parents, P.T.A. groups and school staff.
  • It works well alongside your existing fundraising efforts.

Think of it as a modern version of a collection tin at the side of the till, but with 450,000+ locations nationwide!






  • You have 500 pupils
  • Let’s just say for now that’s 1,200 supporters
  • 120 sign up
  • They commit 25p on each payment and average £5 a month (20 transactions)
  • £7,200 each year to your school

The more parents that sign up – the bigger the size of the donations you receive!

“The ever-shrinking pool of money for education is a real concern and it is short-sighted on the part of those making the decisions. Initiatives such as FundStar can do nothing but help. I was delighted that 24 hours after launching our first fundraising project, a number of parents signed up to FundStar. Donations are already being made to our dining-room furniture project.”

– Rod Gibberd, Business Director, Tring School

How do I recruit donors?

FundStar will supply you with a kit of materials to help you encourage donors to sign up – templates for letters, leaflets, weblinks, the video above to go on your website and more.

We also provide professional fundraising advice to ensure your success.


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What can I use the funds for?

You will need to nominate a specific project you want to raise funds for: new musical instruments, playground equipment, a minibus – it’s up to you. And you can have several different projects running at the same time.

  1. The advancement of education of children and young people in the UK
  2. To help young people improve and develop their capabilities that they may reach their full potential and grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society
  3. The provision of facilities for the playing of amateur sport and the promotion of activities that have a proven beneficial effect on health
  4. To promote the arts, culture and heritage for the benefit of young people
  5. To encourage young people to consider sustainable development and the protection, enhancement and rehabilitation of the environment
  6. To provide advice and assistance to young people



How will I know if it’s working?

You will get a login to your school’s account where you can see what’s been raised and how close to reaching your target you are.

What does fundstar cost?

We’d love to say nothing – but as with any fundraising effort, there are costs. However, with FundStar we can guarantee that they are as low as possible – not least because as a social enterprise trying to do good for schools, we make nothing from running FundStar. All we pass on are the fees we’re charged from the card operators.

You pay nothing up front, then just 5% of what’s raised goes to cover the fees. The rest is ALL YOURS!




Compared to other well known fundraising products, FundStar’s fees are extremely low – as low as we can possibly make them.

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