Governors’ spell out funding asks for the Chancellor

The National Governance Association (NGA) is dedicating a week of action on school funding later this month, as the organisation seeks to get its voice heard on the issue which it says is “truly reaching crisis proportions”.

After the NGA’s annual survey found that only one in five governors said they would be able to manage the financial pressures they were under without adversely affecting the quality of education pupils receive, action is being taken.

To make the case for additional funding for the comprehensive spending review, governors and trustees are being encouraged to descend on the Houses of Parliament on 28th February to lobby their MPs, invite their MP to visit their school on 1st March, or book a time to visit their MP’s surgery on 2nd March. There are nine asks:

  1. The core revenue budget must be increased by at least £2 billion per year so that the basic rate that schools get for each pupil covers the costs of their education.
  2. The high needs budget for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities must be increased by at least £1.5 billion per year.
  3. The rate for 16-19 pupils must be increased to at least £4,760 per year.
  4. The pupil premium funding must be protected in real terms and included in the national funding formula, with reporting requirements retained.
  5. The government must review funding for early years so that all children have access to high quality, teacher-led early education.
  6. The national funding formula must be implemented in full as soon as possible, with funding distributed directly to schools.
  7. Funding settlements should be for a minimum of three years to enable schools to properly plan their budgets.
  8. The government must make sufficient capital funding available to return all school buildings to satisfactory or better condition.
  9. Local authority funding of services for schools and children must be properly funded, as must children’s mental and physical health services, so that pupils come to school safe, well and equipped to learn.

The NGA is asking governors and trustees to use their experiences to evidence the needs for these requests to government. They are being challenged to provide concrete and specific examples of what pupils are losing out on because of the decisions that governing boards are having to make about funding to support the debate.

We would like to highlight our support for the NGA’s Funding the Future week of action.

The FundStar team

13th February 2019

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