Terms & Conditions

  1. These terms & conditions (the Conditions) govern the operation of the FundStar Card Programme (the Programme) as between Future Proof Enterprises Limited (trading as and referred to in these Conditions as FundStar) the provider of the Programme and the school, college or other educational provider named on page 1 (referred to in these Conditions as the School).
  2. In consideration of the School agreeing to the obligations in section 3 of these Conditions, FundStar’s obligations to the School are:
    1. To provide the School with all reasonable support in promoting the Programme, including the provision of all relevant information and materials relating to the Programme.
    2. To provide an online platform (Web Service and/or app) for parents and relatives of pupils and others who wish to financially support the School (Supporters) to:
      i. apply to join the Programme;
      ii. if accepted (based on identity checks) to be issued with a prepaid card (Card) by an approved issuing Bank to make retail payments (Spend) and charitable payments (Donations) subject to the Terms & Conditions governing the use of the Card (Card Terms); and
      iii. use the Web Service to load funds onto their Card, choose a school and projects to support, set the amount of their Donations, check the balance and monitor their Spend/Donations;
    3. To provide access to an account manager for any designated representative nominated by the School (School Representative) to liaise with regularly (at least once a quarter) to:
      i. Monitor the performance of the Programme and Donations made;
      ii. To review the School’s eligibility to receive payment of Donations collected by FundStar for the School in accordance with the Donations & Payments Guide in Part 1 of this registration form above (Guide));
      iii. assist the School (if it is eligible to do so) in claiming Gift Aid payments in accordance with the Guide and (if so authorised) to collect such payments on behalf of the School.
    4. To provide Schools with administrative access to the Web Service to create projects and view reports.
  3. The School agrees:
    1. To use all reasonable endeavours to promote the benefits of the Programme to its Supporters and to collaborate with FundStar on agreeing plans, promotionalmaterials and strategies to achieve this;
    2. To ensure that no promotional materials in relation to the Cards or the Programme are distributed to persons other than Supporters and the content is at all times accurate, not misleading and available for inspection upon request by FundStar.
    3. To apply all Donations for the benefit of the School only, and approved project/s in accordance with FundStar’s funding objectives.
    4. That FundStar is a private enterprise which is not a bank or a financial institution and is not responsible for issuing Cards, managing Card transactions or undertaking any financial or e-money payment services, but will act only as a Programme Manager in accordance with the requirements of the Card issuing bank and these Conditions.
    5. That FundStar may vary these Conditions (including any of its fundraising objectives) from time to time by giving the School one month’s written notice (or shorter notice if required to meet any legal requirement) and continued participation in the Programme after such notice shall constitute the School’s acceptance of such variation.
  4. Either party can end the Programme by giving the other not less than 3 months’ prior notice.
  5. Each party shall keep the terms of the Programme and all information disclosed by either party to the other in relation to it confidential and shall not disclose the same to any third party except to Permitted Parties or with the other’s written consent or in accordance with any legal obligation to any competent authority. Permitted Parties shall mean the Card issuing Bank for the Cards, a party’s legal or financial advisors or their governors or investors provided they are under an equivalent confidentiality obligation to that party.
  6. Limitation of Liability: except in relation to death, personal injury, fraud or any claim for outstanding donation, FundStar’s maximum liability to the School for all or any claims or liabilities of any description arising from or relating to the operation of the Programme shall not exceed £50,000 in aggregate and shall exclude any indirect or consequential losses.