Q&A with Dawn Adam, Director of Development and External Relations at Tring Park School

With FundStar already being used by a number of schools up and down the country, we caught up with Dawn Adam, Director of Development and External Relations at Tring Park School – an independent co-educational school specialising in the performing arts – to see how her school is already benefitting from a strategic and co-ordinated approach to fundraising.


What is the issue, challenge or opportunity that led you to signing up to FundStar?
“When FundStar was first explained to me, with a very effective short film, I totally bought into it as an idea that could really be of benefit to our school and a way to include not just parents but grandparents, alumni and friends. Donor fatigue is a common thing and FundStar allows us to put the power in the hands of the donor, to ultimately make them feel in control.”


What are your objectives for introducing FundStar, and what stage is your use of it at?
“Our objectives are simple: to make all parents feel they can contribute no matter what size the contribution, that we value every donation and that the donations can have a direct positive impact on their children. We have parents who have signed up, and the FundStar team have been excellent at ensuring we have the support in order to inform our parents, alumni and friends correctly, effectively and efficiently.”



What have been your experiences of FundStar to date, and what gaps is it addressing or has the potential to address?
“We feel the team at FundStar are genuinely invested in helping us as a school: they want to understand how we communicate with our potential donors to best help them to help us. We tend to concentrate on the big projects and there is less money around for the smaller things that really make a difference. FundStar allows us to ask for very little from our community and still be able to achieve results. It has opened a line of communication with some parents who have previously avoiding development emails as they do not feel they can give sufficiently.”


What opportunities does FundStar create for the independent school sector?
“It allows us to be inclusive. There are parents, alumni and friends who cannot make the larger gestures, however they still want to help in some small way. By using FundStar and making micro donations, they feel that they are contributing to a project as part of a wider community. Some parents have gone a step further; they have taken out the card and in addition, made a larger one-off donation to kick-off the project.”

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